Choose a notebook or planner and give it a name

Choose any product and make it yours with a personalised message on the cover. We all know that special moment when you choose which notebook to use for a project, which journal you will carry with you to jot down your travel notes in, or which planner you’ll use for the year ahead. Now you can make it even more unique.

Whether you assign your notebook a special name, choose an inspiring quote or ward off unwelcome eyes with a warning to "stay out",  Notex two-line personalisation gives your notebook or planner a unique identity. It is also a way to make a gift more personal, add the recipient's name, a special date that unites you or a message that will bring you closer.

In today's crowded world, it's not necessarily the product or service that makes a company stand out, but its story. At Notex we make simple objects that can be personalised and turned into powerful communicators.

A brand designed to have a unique contemporary-classic feel, Notex is tied to values like imagination, memory and personal identity. By choosing to work with Notex to create a customised communication project for your company, you will join hundreds of top brands worldwide who have chosen us as a partner for their gifting and communications activities.

Create a customised product for your organisation's gifting activities, loyalty programs, special events and anniversaries.


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